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About Us

As a leader in the industry since 2000, DITHYS has a wealth of knowledge and experience in everything related to the manufacturing of fantastic products. We’re committed to providing a variety of companies and individuals with quality products and innovations. The industry is constantly changing, so it’s important that keep up with the latest advancements.


Who we are

It was the early 50’s. The leather goods industry was still finding its bearings in the newly independent India. A young man from Palakad Kerala, known for his poise and domain expertise, was being noticed by the industry stalwarts. Soon enough, he became the prime representative of the foremost leather goods manufacturing enterprises in the country. His cordial influence that ranged from Kashmir to Kanyakumari coupled with his excellent rapport with tannery owners across the board meant much. It meant that he would set the stage for a legacy to be built on. The year was 1954 and the human dynamo was K.K. Ganapathy.

He knew this was just the beginning of a long sojourn that would take him across the globe to the best-in-class leather trade fairs, events and conferences. The horizons were expanding and how!

Early impressions upon a young mind!


Hugely impressed, as she watched her father participate in trade fairs and events and exchanges across Europe and SouthEast Asia, was his daughter Revathy. ”I was thoroughly enamoured by the dynamism my father exhibited in spite of the odds stacked against him. My curiosity stood me in good stead too as I began to observe and understand the workings of the business. I though believe that a sense of aesthetics essentially is bred in the bone.”

For the bright Revathy, the factory visits, the early exposure, soon bore fruit. Soon after graduation, armed with her natural feel for leather and textures she launched, “Trendy Leather Ware”- a leather manufacturing unit in Mumbai. Backed by a handpicked team of leather artisans, Trendy Leather Ware crafted exquisite wallets, bags, pouches, making it a successful venture.

The Giant Leap to Kay Kay Art

As was expected, the opportunity to take the giant leap presented itself. Trendy Leather Ware, covering ground rapidly, found an able ally in our present Managing Director Mr.Dinesh Gajria. The two visionaries, Revathy and Dinesh set the ball rolling in 2005 with a new identity Kay Kay Art Pvt Ltd. The early days were about bags, small goods and leather accessories for Corporate clients and International Fashion Brands.

Taking a trip to major International leather trade fairs like the APLF Hongkong or the MIPEL show in Italy became a regular feature of the work culture at Kay Kay. “Keeping in sync with the latest trends is the key to growth in any business. The international exposure helped us hone the styling and craftsmanship avers Dinesh.

275326010-huge (1).jpg
From Kay Kay Art to Dithys

Going online for Kay Kay Art fired up the need for a new brand identity. The name we chose was Dithys - a fusion of the names of our three Directors      Ms. Sonu Gajria - our motivator - in -chief- handling the administration, Mr. Dinesh Gajria and Ms. Revathy Ganapathy. The triumvirate, like the holy trinity,   continues to be the wind beneath the wings for Dithys and its exponential growth.

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